Brianna Segura

A woman was arrested by the Racine Police Department Friday after stealing a car and fleeing police, an act she called “stupid.”

Brianna K. Segura, 25, was spotted driving a stolen Chrysler 200 west bound on Dekoven Avenue. It was later learned that Segura was at the vehicle owners house earlier, and stole it when he fell asleep. The individual also alleged that she stole $150 from his wallet, according to a criminal complaint.

When Segura noticed the police, she took off. She later told police she was scared. During the chase, Segura drove into oncoming traffic swerved around vehicles, blew through intersections and reached speeds greater than 75 mph. At one point, she almost collided head on with Racine Police squad car.

When she was finally caught, she told police she had permission to drive the vehicle, but later said she was “stupid,” and “felt like a jackass.”

Police found a pipe on Segura’s person that appeared to be a crack pipe. She told police she was a cocaine user, but that the pipe was not a crack pipe.

She is charged with misdemeanor theft, operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent, attempting to elude a traffic officer, first-degree recklessly endangering safety and five counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety.