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When we first meet someone, we tend to make snap decisions about them. Are they likable, being my “type” and are they sexually appealing to me? Am I impressed enough with them that I want to lean in, and learn more? Did they arouse something in me that interests me to want to find out more?

Well, to remind you, one only has one chance to make a first impression. With that being said, make it count. Dating is like a job interview. You want to put your best foot forward.

How does one make a great first impression?

  • Make sure you dress the part. Find out the “dress code” for the restaurant and make sure you show up where you feel dressed appropriately. It goes without saying that shoes should be shined, hair should be coiffed and your nails need to be manicured-in both men and women.
  • Listen when others speak. There is nothing more annoying than someone talking over you and trying to “top” you. Many of my clients have complained that they felt “talked over.” Listening is a skill and also makes you look like you are far more interesting.
  • Show up five minutes early. Be prepared and not stressed when you walk in the door.
  • Look people in the eyes. Eye contact is imperative to build trust and show that you are interested/interesting.
  • Last but not least, be an interesting person. Share some travel stories, a family story and show others that you have something to offer of value. Again, much like interviewing for a job, you need to show people they should make a mental commitment first, and then possibly an emotional one down the road.

Now, get dressed, get ready and go get them!

Lori Mendelsohn is a professional matchmaker. With a knack for introducing people who wind up saying, “I do,” she can be reached at Her website is