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by Heather Asiyanbi

Could additional development be on the way to Sturtevant? Very possibly, officials are hoping and one even hinted.

Land at the southeast corner of Highways 11 and H is currently zoned commercial and residential. To clear the way for development, though, all parcels there need to have consistent zoning.

“I’d like to see industrial there for development,” said Trustee Chris Larsen at a committee meeting earlier this month. “There are a lot of companies sniffing around from Illinois.”

Village President Steve Jansen made note that Amazon’s million square foot facility in Pleasant Prairie could trigger an interested party looking at Sturtevant.

“You never know,” he hinted. “There might be someone out there sniffing around.”

Joe Mrazek is the landowner, and Village Administrator Mary Cole said he is interested in being able to sell the properties for development.

“Moving to an industrial zoning allows for commercial and keeps the area consistent with the building across the street,” Cole noted.

United Natural Foods, Inc. is constructing a 425,000 square foot distribution center at the southwest corner of the same intersection. The building is slated to open in 2014.

The Sturtevant Planning Commission scheduled a public hearing on Jan. 21 for a possible amendment to the village’s comprehensive plan.

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