Welcome to Racine County Eye, your dedicated news source for Racine, Wisconsin, and its surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, accurate, and timely coverage of local news, events, and issues that matter to the communities of Racine and Kenosha counties.

History of Racine County Eye

The Racine County Eye, a pivotal news source in Racine, Wisconsin, exemplifies local journalism’s vital role in community engagement and information dissemination. The publication was founded in October 2013 by Denise Lockwood and Heather Asiyabi and emerged as a digital-first platform. Lockwood’s vision was to create a news source deeply rooted in the community, focusing on local news, events, and issues that directly impact the residents of Racine and its surrounding areas.

Our Focus

Racine County Eye, 4th of July Float
  • Investigative Journalism: At the heart of our newsroom is a commitment to investigative journalism that serves our readers. We delve deep into issues affecting our community, from government accountability to local business practices. Our investigative reports aim to bring to light the stories that need to be told, fostering transparency and informed public discourse.
  • Local News: Stay informed about the latest developments, municipal meetings, and community issues in Racine and Kenosha counties. Our team of experienced journalists is committed to delivering in-depth reporting focusing on accuracy and relevance.
  • Weather and Traffic Updates: We understand the importance of staying updated on the daily weather forecast and traffic conditions, especially concerning Interstate 94. Our regular updates keep you informed and prepared for your day.
  • Community Events: Discover the vibrant array of events happening in southeastern Wisconsin, from cultural festivals to local markets. Our coverage aims to connect the community and celebrate the diversity and spirit of our region.
  • Back-to-School Resources: We provide valuable tips and resources for parents to navigate the back-to-school season, ensuring a smooth transition for families and students.
  • Journalistic Integrity: Following the principles of AP Style, our journalistic approach prioritizes accuracy, impartiality, and thorough reporting. We are committed to responsible journalism that serves the public interest.

Our Team

Racine County Eye, float, 4th of July

Racine County Eye is powered by a team of dedicated journalists who are deeply connected to the community. Our reporters and editors bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to unbiased, fact-based journalism.

  • Denise Lockwood: Co-founder and CEO (Advertising, investigative journalism and operations)
  • Loren Lamoreaux: Web Editor (Corrections and community events)
  • Heather Asiyanbi: Co-founder and Journalist (public safety and business)
  • Emma Widmar: Journalist (schools and business spotlights)
  • Dee Holzell: Senior Journalist (Courts and Government)
  • Abigail Lamoreaux: Editorial assistant (Obituaries)
  • Paul Holley: Freelance journalist
  • Dan Trutschell: Freelance journalist
  • Mark Hertzberg: Freelance photographer

Engage with Us

We believe in the power of community engagement and welcome your input, story ideas, and feedback. Join our conversation on social media or contact us directly to share your thoughts and perspectives.

Stay Connected

Follow Racine County Eye for the latest news, updates, and stories that define our community. Together, we’re keeping a watchful eye on Racine County.

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    1. Thanks, Dee! We very much appreciate your support … feel free to share the web address of the site!

  2. Nice job ladies for your kickoff. Very proud of both of you. That’s my daughter Heather and the co-owner Denise.

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