Racine County Eye LLC is owned by veteran journalist Denise Lockwood. Starting the news website in 2013, she focused on producing journalism that serves the community. Why? She grew tired of only producing conflict-based journalism, a mainstay for TV, legacy newspapers, and radio.

Denise Lockwood
Denise Lockwood, owner of the Racine County Eye

Lockwood has a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism and a Graduate Certificate in advanced professional writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Over the past 21 years, she has written for the Milwaukee Business Journal, Kenosha News, and Patch/AOL.

Her passion: To help the residents of southeastern Wisconsin live a better life by offering the highest and best information about the community.

What’s the difference between the Racine County Eye and other news organizations?

Lockwood looks at ways to add value to readers’ lives through the lens of solutions journalism. That means she and her staff focus on solutions to problems, whether it’s employment, environmental issues, holding the government accountable, and helping people understand what’s going on in their community.

They tackle the hard stuff, including social justice issues, mental health access, and trend-based crime stories. She would rather tell you about how to solve a problem, not just tell you about the problem.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the news website offered a local data dashboard, Q&As from health professionals, business resources, mental health resources, and up-to-date information about testing and vaccine clinics.

How do you lean?

The Racine County Eye focuses on providing the highest and best information about topics that concern the community. The organization is not in the opinion business. Stories include authors, sources, attribution, and balance. They follow the Society for Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. The world has enough opinions, but not enough understanding and knowledge.

How are we funded?

Lockwood believes the community should help fund the news through paid memberships. With an audience of over 60,000 readers per month, they also offer paid advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship opportunities include news, business spotlight, educator of the week, hometown hero, real estate, employment, and Racine County Eye exclusive sections.

To discuss advertising opportunities, email sales@racinecountyeye.com

Have a news tip?

Contact us at news@racinecountyeye.com or call (262) 504-9570.

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