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We’re on a mission in 2022 to work on a year-long series about housing in Racine County and we need your help to fund it. For every $250 in donations that we receive, we’ll give a nonprofit one free month in advertising.

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The Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens don’t charge readers to access the site. We do this intentionally to attract the broadest audience. On average, the site attracts more than 65,000 people and generates more than 150,000 page views per month.

Our two largest markets encompass the Chicago-Milwaukee region with Wisconsin readers making up about 60 percent of our audience and Illinois readers making up about 24 percent of our audience. About 250,000 of our readers in 2019 lived in Wisconsin.

Our readers have a number of interests, including employment, home and decor, shopping, entertainment, food and drink, health and wellness, and real estate, according to Google Analytics.

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