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The Racine County Eye news website offers connects our advertisers’ message with the right audience using a multi-channel approach. We also consistently demonstrate our value by providing reporting and actionable feedback on how well your ad campaign has performed.

With this mission in mind, we are pleased to offer the following opportunities to help grow your business.

About us

The Racine County Eye doesn’t charge readers to access the site. We do this intentionally to attract the broadest audience. On average, the site attracts more than 60,000 people to the site and generates more than 175,000 page views per month. In 2019, RCE earned the trust of 460,000 readers, according to Google Analytics.

How do we do that? Through solutions-based journalism, which means we’re focused on helping our readers live a better life, not exploit their stories.

Our two largest markets encompass the Chicago-Milwaukee region with Wisconsin readers making up about 60 percent of our audience and Illinois readers making up about 24 percent of our audience. About 250,000 of our readers in 2019 lived in Wisconsin.

Our readers have a number of interests, including employment, home & decor, shopping, entertainment, food and drink, health and wellness and real estate, according to Google Analytics.

Products and services

Our ad products grab the attention of our audience because they are matched to relevant content.

That means if we write about a new company coming to town, employment listings and other business spotlights will be paired on the same page. A home listing will have home & garden, finance and real estate pages embedded into the content. This helps our audience have a better reader experience and builds more value in our advertising campaigns.

We offer:

  • Friends2follow ads
  • Static ads
  • Sponsored columns
  • Branded pages
  • Social media retargeting
  • Home, for rent, for sale, and employment listings
  • Help wanted podcast

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