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We’re on a mission in 2022 to work on a year-long series about housing in Racine County and we need your help to fund it. For every $250 in donations that we receive, we’ll give a nonprofit one free month in advertising.

Racine County Eye’s policy is to accept press releases about upcoming events that would benefit the community.  This does not guarantee that the press release will be published. Racine County Eye reserves the right to determine the proper use of press releases on the Racine County Eye website.

To guarantee publication of your press release and/or event, advertising options are available to businesses and individuals, and at a discount to non-profit/501(c)(3) organizations.

Racine County Eye accepts news stories, letters to the editor, pictures, and informational articles. Racine County Eye reserves the right to edit, publish, or not publish any materials submitted, with an exception for Letters to the Editor.

Letters to the editor will be published as-is after fact-checking has occurred. If false information is submitted, attempts to contact the author for clarification will be made by Racine County Eye. Racine County Eye reserves the right to publish Letters to the Editor under its discretion.

If you are submitting an article, letter, or news story, please submit in a word document, and include picture(s) for the article.  Please have your name, phone number, email address, and zip code at the top of the Press Release/Letter.  Materials must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the event, or publication date. Exceptions will apply.

For Information about Advertising Options and for All other Inquiries contact Denise Lockwood, Publisher at or call (262) 504-9570.

** All of these policies are subject to change.