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OPINION: Antisemitism and Islamophobia cannot be tolerated in our state

OPINION — Over the last several weeks, I’ve spoken with countless people in Wisconsin who are distraught about the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine. They are hurting—terribly—and they are scared for their loved ones. We are all mourning the loss of so many lives. Islamophobia and antisemitism have always been serious problems in our […]

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OPINION: Taxpayer dollars should be used to serve the people here, not destroy lives elsewhere

OPINION — Last month, a U.S. government shutdown was miraculously averted. A potential shut down still exists if congress and the Biden administration cannot agree on appropriation bills by Nov. 17. Some of the services that will see the impact of a government shutdown are Head Start, Meals on Wheels, Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP), […]

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OPINION: It is never too early, who shall answer the call for Wisconsin’s 1st District?

OPINION — I do not know Congressman Bryan Steil, so I can only put forth assumptions about his personality, outlook on social issues, and politics. I would assume that since he is a Republican and follows the party’s agenda (a requirement for membership), he may be anti-Black, anti-LGBTQIA, anti-immigration, and against anything positive for the […]

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OPINION: Back to the fields

OPINION — The decision of the United States Supreme Court to trash the long-standing Affirmative Action Law that permitted many Black and Brown children access to a college education should come as no surprise to anyone, especially Black Americans. There is no other way to say it, Black people are living in a social system […]

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OPINION: Wisconsin homeowners could be at risk with new Fannie Mae program

OPINION — In this uncertain economic landscape, we are all feeling a strain on our wallets. It is understandable, then, that the government is looking for ways to lower costs and ease financial stress for Americans. However, short-term cost-saving measures should never come at the expense of our long-term financial security, especially when it may […]

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Letter to the Editor: Mental Health Month and Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week

Dear Editor, Racine is participating in a nationwide effort to recognize May as Mental Health Month as well as Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week, May 7 -13. During Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week and for the remainder of May, we will focus on the importance of this shift from awareness to acceptance. We hope these […]

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Op-ed: Robin Vos wants to gag citizens

by Matt Rothschild, Wisconsin ExaminerMay 5, 2023 OPINION — Assembly Speaker Robin Vos wants to take your voice away. The shared revenue bill that the Assembly Republicans just introduced “would ban counties, municipalities from putting advisory referendums on the ballot,” according to JR Ross of WisPolitics. Vos and his cohorts don’t even want your advice! […]

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OPINION: Keep the Rule of Law: Spring 2023 election for Wisconsin Supreme Court

OPINION — Wisconsin has an opportunity to ensure that our Supreme Court will follow the law. This is always important, but with individuals stating publicly that they would ignore the law because they sympathize with various social issues, it is even more important today. Our government is structured so this should never happen. Laws are […]