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Kenosha is now home to Salon All Star, the town’s newest all-inclusive hair salon, at 2105 22nd Ave, Suite B. Salon All Star offers a wide range of services including haircuts, color, highlighting, balayage, fashion color and waxing services. They are open Wednesday through Saturday, with by-appointment-only options throughout the rest of the week.

Co-owners Vian May and Laura Berzin took their years of experience as stylists and ran with their idea to open a salon that makes everyone “Look & Feel like an All Star,” as their front door sign greets its patrons.

“We found that the area where we built the salon was a bit underserved for salons of our type that were affordable,” May said. “And so we really considered that as an investment in the community that we decided to build in.”

Now they are serving the area and satisfying the needs of their former clientele and new patrons alike through their salon, which opened its doors on Feb. 9.

Salon All Star
Salon All Star, located at 2105 22nd Ave in Kenosha – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

The place to be an “All-Star”

To May and Berzin, being a stylist is more than a job. Their passion is to serve Southeastern Wisconsin through cosmetology services, but also to connect with their customers and other locals. At Salon All Star, their priority is making others feel comfortable in their own skin.

Berzin said, “I love getting to know – and working with – people. It’s an added bonus that I get to make them look and feel amazing in the process of getting to know them.” 

The inspiration for Salon All Star’s moniker came from May’s love for a classic shoe: Converse All-Stars. If you become a regular, look out to see how many different pairs of Converse All-Stars you catch him wearing. 

While inspired by a shoe, Salon All Star maintains a classy and luxurious vibe, featuring wide-seated salon chairs, a beverage station and special ergonomic shampoo bowls.

The salon offers easy-access chairs with roomier seats for added comfort. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
Ergonomic shampoo bowls in two different styles ensure a great fit for everyone. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
The beverage station is equipped with complimentary water, soft drinks and other cold drinks, plus coffee and other hot beverages. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

A safe space

The private room is available for use by request for haircuts and other hair services, waxing, massage and more. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
Inside view the multi-use private room, currently set up for massage.. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
Another view of the private room. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

May and Berzin value people’s differences and accommodate their needs as such. They commit themselves to accessibility and inclusivity. The salon is wheelchair accessible, offers a private room for those wearing head coverings or who would prefer a more private experience, as well as massage in the future, and serves as an LGBTQ+, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and disability-friendly space. 

“There’s a lot of people who have been given every reason not to trust people,” May explained. “And so I understand if they need more than one chance to talk to us, if they need more than one visit to feel comfortable sitting down. If they don’t (feel comfortable yet), I won’t judge them for what they need in order to feel that kind of trust because if they give me the chance to earn it, I guarantee that I will do my best. Laura will do her best for their needs too.”

Being a safe space is what the owners pride themselves in. This means respecting their clients’ wishes, from hairstyles to correct use of pronouns.

Each client is seen an a unique individual, who deserves to “Look and Feel like an All Star.”- Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
Business partners Laura Berzin and Vian May. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
Salon All Star offers a wide selection of products for sale, as well as personalized ordering. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
Enjoy comfortable seating while you wait, with plenty of natural light and a calming, clutter-free space. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

Services at Salon All Star

Each owner offers different services and specializes in different fields. 

With 17 years of experience, May offers haircutting, dry cutting, curl cutting (curl forms 2A through 3C), styling, creative color, specialty color, balayage and highlighting. Additionally, he serves as an educator specializing in continuing education for salon professionals. He has independently developed over 15 hands-on advanced education programs.

May states that because of the integrity of their business, “we do everything from a health standpoint to begin with, which is why we will not promise you something that will ruin your hair.”

Berzin, who has been in the business for 15 years, specializes in trend and fashion coloring, various types of highlighting and coloring, men’s and women’s haircuts, razor and clipper cuts, and more. All of this she does with a warm and chipper disposition that is sure to put you at ease. She is proficient in her techniques and hopes that no matter the service she provides, her clients leave the chair feeling confident.

A full list of services offered can be found on Vagaro, which is where you can conveniently book an appointment.

Berzin added, “We are happy to take on people and help them get their hair to where they want it to be.”

Looking and Feeling like an All Star! – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

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