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Gov. Scott Walker has rejected the Menominee Tribe’s proposed Kenosha casino.

Saying the potential risk to state taxpayers is too great, Walker rejected the project, is reporting.

“After a comprehensive review of the potential economic impact of the proposed Kenosha casino project, the risk to the state’s taxpayers is too great,” said Walker in a statement quoted by the newspaper. “Due to the compacts negotiated by Governor Doyle, the current cost to taxpayers of approving the proposed casino project is up to $100 million and the long-term economic hit to the state budget would be a potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.”

In a statement issued shortly after the governor’s announcement, Menominee Chairwoman Laurie Boivin said this:

“It is our belief that this project would have improved the lives of the nearly 9000 members of the Tribe. Instead, one Tribe – the Forest County Potawatomi and one goal of Governor Walker – the Presidency has led to a no for our people.

“”The Tribe and our partners at Hard Rock International will meet in the next few days to discuss any options we have. Until then – we must remember all the Menominee Nation has overcome in more than 10,000 years – we will continue to thrive as a Nation and will continue to be honorable partners for Indian Tribes in Wisconsin and around the Nation.”

We will update this story with reaction from local lawmakers.

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