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What is the impact of rising utility fees on potential development in the region?

Sturtevant trustees on the Stormwater & Wastewater Committee Tuesday – along with the village engineer and a representative from the Racine County Economic Development Corporation – will talk about it during the village’s regularly scheduled Continual Committee meeting. The discussion was triggered by a proposal from the Racine Water Utility to raise the REC (Residential Equivalent Units) by $130 per REC.

Village officials are concerned that raising fees could negatively impact future development of some businesses. Village President Steve Jansen said costs associated with REC fees has been of the most under-reported stories of the last decade.

“(Raising the fee) isn’t going to make things any easier,” Jansen said. “In my opinion, (REC fees) have negatively impacted potential projects and start-ups in our village.”

Trustees will also take up for the last time at committee level the proposed change to Sturtevant’s comprehensive land use plan for the southeast corner at Highways 11 and H.

Residents last month attended a public hearing – most of them in opposition – to rezoning to industrial land currently owned by Joe Mrazek and a handful of homeowners. Some lots there are residential, and most property owners are concerned about how the change will affect their property values and their quality of life.

Mrazek asked for the change because he is interested in making his properties more attractive to potential developers.

After trustees take up any issues associated with the land use change, the matter will move to the board for final adoption at the Feb. 18 village board meeting.

The Sturtevant Continual Committee meeting begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Village Hall, 2801 89th Street. Call (262) 886-7200.