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Racine police say the take down of Joshua Ammon Saturday for stalking and abusing his girlfriend turned violent because Ammon refused to surrender peacefully.

Additionally, Ammon threatened to “shoot up” the business where his girlfriend works, and Kenosha police alerted Racine officers that Ammon has been known to be violent with¬†police officers and carry a switchblade knife.

Ammon was sought because he was making phone calls and sending texts to his girlfriend threatening both her safety and of her belongings at her house after the woman reported two incidents of domestic violence against her.

Racine police Lt. David¬†Wohlgemuth Tuesday afternoon released a statement about the incident with more details about Ammon’s arrest.

After RAPD located Ammon near Washington Avenue and West Blvd. they attempted to take him into custody, but Ammon resisted and continued to refuse to give police his hands despite being warned that K9 Odin would be deployed to help subdue him. During the struggle, an officer suffered minor injuries, and Odin did bite Ammon in the right leg/hip area.

More, Ammon said during the incident that he wanted to commit suicide to avoid going “back to jail.”