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The Mount Pleasant Village Board approved the purchased land across from the entrance to the Village Hall at its meeting Monday for a new fire station for the Southshore Fire Department.

David Degroot attempted to prevent citizen Don Schulz from asking a question, but village president Jerry Garski reminded Degroot that he has the option to allow citizens to ask questions after the board has finished discussion and prior to a vote.  The board voted unanimously to purchase the land.

This meeting was very short.  About 24 minutes.  It was so short you even have time to listen to it.

In this recording between 2 minutes and 5 minutes were public comments.

Between 7 1/2 minutes and 10 minutes was a Proclamation of Domestic Violence by President Garski.Caledonia Fire Department

The board talked about the land purchase between 10 and 17 minutes.

Here is the Agenda to the meeting.