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Aquaman is back but this time he’s without his “Super Friends.” This film is all about the extraordinary half human/half-Atlantean being, Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), or as he’s more commonly known, Aquaman, who assumes his rightful place upon the throne of Atlantis. For the Entourage fans, this is not scrawny Vinnie Chase dressing up in a ridiculous outfit for a fictional movie. This is the real deal; buff and burly Momoa plays the awesome character he was always meant to play.

Aquaman has incredible powers, which include superhuman strength, the ability to manipulate ocean tides, communicate with other aquatic life, and swim at supersonic speeds. This film is loosely based on the graphic novel, Throne of Atlantis, which sees Arthur’s half-brother Orm attack the surface world for supposed slights against his people. Similarly, in this film, Orm tries to unite the kingdoms of Atlantis under his command for an all-out war against the surface dwellers.

Director James Wan establishes Atlantis as a world unto itself. It’s a rich, vibrant place underlaid with intense colors. An incredibly intricate world, Atlantis is home to an entire people that sunk with the legendary city itself and adapted to breathe underwater. In this film we come to know more about Atlanteans, who they are as a people, their aspirations, and their motivations.

While Aquaman did not gain an extraordinary reception with other critics, I thought the movie was excellent. The battle scenes are teeming with aquatic creatures, and the fight sequences are well-choreographed. Its story is enticing and kept my attention throughout the movie.

The characters are fascinating, especially the villains Orm and Black Manta – they ironically exhibit admirable characteristics in their plights of villainy. Mera, played by the comely Amber Heard, does a great job of establishing herself as a warrior as well as Arthur’s love interest. The only shortcoming of the film is the soundtrack, which fails to add any significant emotional soundscapes complementary to the dramatic scenes of the movie. Overall, Aquaman is the best movie that has been released in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Check it out!

Genre: Superhero
Rating: 4.75/5