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RACINE HONDA Presents “10-4 GOOD BUDDY” – featuring the Eddie Van Zant Band in concert – the 1st annual Customer Appreciation Celebration – proceeds raised will benefit The UNITED WAY of RACINE: Inspiring Racine Area Growth & Influencing Local Economic Development.

Sturtevant, Wisconsin – October 4th, 2019 at 7:00 pm CST — RACINE HONDA is preparing to launch “10-4 GOOD BUDDY”, its first annual concert and charitable, customer celebration event. At inception, “10-4 GOOD BUDDY” event proceeds will benefit The UNITED WAY of RACINE and is centered to occur at ROUTE 20 music venue, located at 14001 Washington Avenue, Sturtevant, Wisconsin. “10-4 GOOD BUDDY” as Racine Honda’s creation is meant to bolster ongoing community development, and spawn an eventual series of projects aiming to vitalize local neighborhoods commerce, thus widening healthy economic growth of the region. This October 4th at 7:00 pm CST, Racine Honda with ROUTE 20, The United Way of Racine, RAMAC, and support from producers T Minus 10, LLC. and CHICAGO AMP, have ignited local area excitement by bringing The EDDIE VAN ZANT BAND to play for Y’all. As the widely recognizable Van Zant last name is truly iconic, Eddie is indeed a distant ( relation of the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd – Van Zant family tree.

Eddie is the real deal cowboy, a country music man who hails from his own family 90+ acre farm in Martinsville, Indiana; where his Mom makes real handmade soap out of goat’s milk, his Dad bales hay from their own fields, and their daughters raise 9 kittens on their big front porch.

Eddie in his cowboy hat, as a Country music entertainer and his band, are as authentic as it gets! Eddie, a true outdoorsman, is humble, respectful, and certainly mindful of entertaining his audience with his own unique blend of down-home country class, a natural swagger and John Wayne cowboy like persona. Eddie’s band is comprised of World Class talent and their accomplished musicianship will appeal to EVERYONE = offend no one!
Whether you ride a Horse, drive a Honda or a Monster Truck, Eddie Van Zant will start your engine and keep your motor running on that dance floor until last call Y’all!


About Racine Honda and their new GM Matthew Douvikas and his agenda –

Racine Honda, under its new leadership, seeks to aggressively develop and launch new programs, or bolster, partner and augment existing area attractions and/or events. The Racine Honda store, in its implementation of “10-4 GOOD BUDDY” seeks to create more than “just another car dealership customer appreciation event”. Racine Honda’s agenda and goals are simply intended to pave the way toward fostering and driving a thriving and vibrant Racine area community.
On August 17th, 2018, Mr. Matthew Douvikas was hired and announced to take over as Racine Honda’s General Manager by the HOMERUN AUTO GROUP. Matthew is hitting the ground running and has initiated and implemented numerous action steps. With specific intentions to have a grass roots presence, Matthew is instituting his very own pay it forward movement. Upon realizing his desires and thirst for breaking shells and sprinting ahead of his competitors, Mr. Douvikas decided to color outside of the lines of conformity by hiring a new sales guy named Daniel LaBelle. Daniel, quite unusual for any car salesman, comes to Racine Honda as someone uniquely seasoned with special talents and skills. A former executive, entrepreneur and creative producer out of Chicago, Daniel is someone who has a vast imagination. A loyal and dedicated person whom Matt pegged to be his direct “in house” RAMAC, Corporate & Community relations guy, Daniel is now in full on mode to fuel and feed Matt’s agenda. Daniel quickly realized Matt’s burning passion to plunge his store into being an example of the Racine business forefront. Their fundamental opening move by joining RAMAC in an effort to begin building relationships with all of their neighboring local business leaders has been integral and advantageous to all aspects of Racine Honda’s planning.

Out of the gate, Daniel conceptualized “10-4 GOOD BUDDY” as a wholesome and immediate means to breathe life into their community agenda, and in the same breath instill a team spirit to unify their very own Racine Honda personnel. The goal is to ultimately connect with their neighbors and customers, and to raise money and awareness for one of this area’s very own hometown charities, The UNITED WAY of RACINE.


About Tminus10, LLC. – originally founded by Daniel LaBelle (CEO) and his son, Marty LaBelle, the Chicago based, family owned start-up specializes in developing and producing shows, events, and concepts encompassing live entertainment, creative projects and scripts for TV, Theatre and FILM. Tminus10 works with greater than 250 local and/or touring bands, recording artists, musicians and various performance acts as a talent buyer for numerous local businesses, municipalities, charitable, corporate and community organizations. Whether consulting for a client or helping grow an ongoing concern, or advise the career of a musician, a personal approach is always utilized to ensure every client – musician, artist, venue, etc… has their needs and expectations satisfied in excess.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please call Daniel LaBelle at (773) 814-8416 or visit our website and click on “Events” under the “About Us” tab.

“10-4 GOOD BUDDY” customer appreciation event on October 4th, 2019 at 7:00pm at ROUTE 20 — proceeds being donated to THE UNITED WAY of RACINE.

Created & Produced by Daniel LaBelle – T Minus 10

Executive Producers: Matt Douvikas, Matt Kiscellus, Ray Stibeck

Associate Producers: Andrew Masshi/Chicago Amp, Adrienne Salazar & Dawn Hruby at Balash/Lifecycle Digital Marketing.

Special recognition:

RAMAC’s Carmella Venturini/Anna Clementi


“10-4 GOOD BUDDY” is proudly presented by our sponsors…. RACINE HONDA, ROUTE 20, RAMAC, The UNITED WAY of RACINE, T Minus 10 and CHICAGO AMP.

Daniel LaBelle:
Phone: (773) 814-8416