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Everyone is feeling cooped up these days, especially our kids. They’re used to seeing their friends and going to public places to socialize. Here are five things you can do in Racine County to get them out of the house.


Geocaching is basically like a treasure hunt, and we all know how much our kids love treasure hunts. According to the Geocaching website, there are 1,215 geocaches around Racine. Download the app, pick a Geocache to search for, and it will show you the general direction you need to go. Once you find it, sign and date the logbook and put it back where you found it. Plus, you may be able to find some caches while doing the other activities below.

Beach Clean-Up

For the kids that like to clean or help the environment, do a beach clean-up. It’s been reported by the Rochester Institute of Technology, that more than 22 million pounds of plastic pollution ends up in the Great Lakes every year. So grab gloves, a trash bag or bucket, and make a game out of it. Count each piece of trash as you go and the one with the most wins! To help fight plastic in the Great Lakes, Adopt-A-Beach through Alliance for the Great Lakes and report your findings.

River Bend Nature Center

River Bend Nature Center, 3600 N Green Bay Road, was a favorite of mine growing up, and since it’s outdoors there are still many things to do there. You can hike along the various trails, or they offer canoe/kayak rentals and classes, fishing and woodworking classes, and summer programs. The summer programs will follow COVID-19 restrictions so you can be rest assured your kids are socializing in a safe learning environment.

Jo Don Farms

While we all know and love the Racine Zoo, there is another hidden gem zoo in Racine County. Jo Don Farms, 5907 Nicholson Road, has been in Franksville, WI since 1975 and offers a more interactive zoo experience. With over 300 animals of 20 different species, you’re sure to find your favorite. There are pony rides and an option to purchase animal feed to increase interaction with the animals.

Quarry Lake Park

If you’re looking to cool down after all these activities but beautiful North Beach is packed, try out the Quarry Lake Park, 3533 Northwestern Avenue. The lake is naturally fed by a spring so the water is much warmer than Lake Michigan water. You can go swimming or fishing and the water is deep enough to go kayaking or scuba diving. With the grill amenities, you could even grill out with the family.