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A common balance between you and your dog may not be so common. Let’s face it, nothing beats seeing your furry friend’s tail wagging. Sometimes, however, dogs don’t behave the way owners wish them to. In spite of, their behavior, there’s time to make change.

Dogs are without a doubt a man’s best friend. What’s even better than a dog? A dog that is well trained. Not an easy task. Canine Coach and Wellness is a training company, dedicated to serving dogs and owners in Southeastern Wisconsin.

“Teaching and training builds a bond that is both beneficial for you and your dog” said Dennis Trzcinski, the Canine Coach, . 

Police Officer Excels with Canine Training

Trzcinski is a certified dog trainer, but also a law enforcement officer in Milwaukee. He has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement and dog training. 

Additionally, Canine Coach and Wellness have an active partnership with Working Dogs of America. Trzcinski is a certified judge and decoy through WDA. His judging credentials are in protection titles, obedience titles, and tracking titles. 

As a police officer and trainer, it allows him to work with military dogs, police dogs, personal protection dogs, and service dogs.  

“One of our main focuses is to properly educate owners how to communicate with their dog,” Trzcinski said.

“With training, it builds confidence that builds a connection with you and your dog” says the owner of Canine Coach and Wellness.

Services Available

Canine Coach and Wellness Service Dog

Confidence is at the core of finding balance between pet owners and their animal. Instilling confidence is an important factor in the process. Positively, confidence is a trait that both pets and owners can obtain to be successful.

Trzcinski firmly believes that addressing real-life scenarios will allow the balance to be met. His attention is focused on socialization, obedience, control, and proper health. 

What kind of services does Canine Coach and Wellness offer?

  • Basic Obedience
  • Protection Training
    • Competition Protection
    • Family Protection
  • Service Dog Training
    • Based off individual needs
    • Examples: PTSD, Mobility Assistance
  • Board and Train Program
    • 3 week program
    • Individual time length
  • Nutrition and Health Advice

Bonding Builds Balance

Trzcinski has a special bond when training a service dog.

“As much as you need the dog, the dog needs you.” Balance and wellness are the soul of the business. The connection between owners and their animals make a difference in behavior. Whichever training needs fit your desires, the bond is always the first step in creating wellness.

Canine Coach and Wellness Protection Dog

The desires an owner has for their pet is unique and individual. Canine Coach and Wellness sees flexibility as a benefit to their program. Any and every dog is welcome at Canine Coach and Wellness. If there are services that you are interested in or want to know more about, don’t hesitate to contact. Canine Coach and Wellness is unique, as they are one of the only mobile dog training businesses in the area. The Canine Coach and Wellness facility information will be given to clients upon training needs.

Contact the Canine Coach

For more information, contact Dennis at 414-324-4996 to discuss pricing and needs. These services are available to meet the needs of each individual pet and owner. Consultations are available. Check out the dogs currently benefiting from training at Canine Coach and Wellness by visiting their Facebook page here.

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