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UNION GROVE, Wis. — The long-anticipated Phase 2b of the Canopy Hill subdivision is moving forward, pending final plat approval from the Village of Union Grove Plan Commission.

As obtained in a memorandum from GRAEF, the Village Planning Consultant, dated July 31, 2023, Bear Development LLC is driving this ambitious project that spans approximately 38.89 acres.

Canopy Hill subdivision location and infrastructure

Located off York Street to the west, the Canopy Hill subdivision is planned to encompass 44 single-family lots, one outlet, and three public roads: Kiddle Lane, Hill Drive, and Valley Hill Lane. These roads are planned to be public, thus providing full access to future residents and their guests.

Taxpayer considerations

Taxpayers might be interested in several aspects of the development of Canopy Hill subdivision:

  • Zoning: The property is already zoned Single Family Residence (RS80) with a PUD Overlay, meaning no rezoning is required. This suggests that the project aligns with the Village’s existing planning framework.
  • Environmental concerns: Outlot 10, accounting for about 22.9 acres, contains wetland areas and other isolated natural resources. This outlot is projected to be subdivided in future phases.
  • Street plan: Right-of-way is proposed to be dedicated as part of the development, implying a level of commitment to public infrastructure.
  • Fees: All applicable Village of Union Grove application and review fees must be paid by Bear Development LLC, not the taxpayers.
  • Density and lot size: According to the memorandum, the proposal’s density is in line with the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, which could potentially stabilize property values in the area.

Other technicalities

The proposal also includes a comprehensive landscape plan featuring seven different tree species, although none of them currently align with the Village’s list of approved street trees. The Village Director of Public Works may need to review this list before it is finalized.

The development also promises adequate street lighting and a 2-sided, 5-foot-wide sidewalk configuration along each street aimed at pedestrian safety.

What’s next?

The Plan Commission is expected to give its recommendation to the Village Board for conditional approval, subject to correction of any technical deficiencies and payment of all associated fees by the applicant, Bear Development LLC.

For taxpayers and potential future residents alike, the Canopy Hill subdivision represents a planned addition to Union Grove’s housing landscape, one that is poised to offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. Yet, like any major development, it will require rigorous scrutiny to ensure it meets community standards and expectations.

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