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Just before the primary election for the City of Racine’s 13th District aldermanic campaign, fake texts and alleged dirty campaigning have led to angry voters and candidates, according to a story in the Journal Times.

The primary election is slated for Tuesday between Natalia Taft, Christina Seaman, and Mark Balcer. It will decide who will replace Jim Morgenroth, who is not seeking re-election. The general election between the final two candidates will be held April 2.

Late Saturday night, a series of texts were sent out supporting Taft’s campaign although Taft denied that she and her campaign had anything to do with it. Balcer and Seaman too denied it was either of them, although both received the texts.

Taft filed a complaint with the police on Sunday regarding the matter.

Apparently, the text messages were sent from a “virtual phone number,” meaning that it was likely created online and not from an actual phone.

For more on the story or to find out more about the text messages, visit the Journal Times.