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2020 election critics challenge local GOP incumbents; Vos, Wanggaard targeted on August 9 primary election

RACINE COUNTY – Two long-time Racine County legislators are being challenged in the August 9 Republican primary 2020 election by candidates that are questioning the integrity of the 2020 general election in which President Joe Biden narrowly defeated Donald Trump. Wisconsin Voter Alliance, an organization critical of the 2020 Wisconsin election, placed billboards like this […]

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Better ways to do elections are out there, critics say. Other countries use them. Why not here?

March 21, 2022 BY PETER CAMERON, The Badger Project Elections are supposed to be the mechanism voters use to choose their political representatives. But increasingly, it’s the elected leaders who choose the voters. Changes could be made to prevent this. Gerrymandering — the manipulation of political district boundaries by the political party that controls state […]