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The holiday season is here and the Jamestown Lights are back for another year. This family-friendly light show will run now through Jan. 1st. The synchronized light display stretches across several backyards in the Jamestown neighborhood located in Caledonia.

Mike curates the music selection to accompany the light show, which he streams on 97.7 FM. By tuning in you can enjoy listening to holiday music while watching a one-of-a-kind show. The light show is approximately one hour in length, but viewers can take in as much or as little as they desire, and depending on traffic density. It runs Sundays through Thursdays from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m., and from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Debbie and Mike first began decorating their yard and other neighbors have followed suit. The dancing lights and dazzling displays have attracted community members for the past 11 consecutive years. As they kick off their 12th season, they look forward to bringing the community together.

Returning attendees can expect to see “Douglas Fir,” the host and personality of the show, accompanied by newcomer “Randy Balsam” the great guitar player. It wouldn’t be a rocking show without these two talking and singing trees.

Jamestown Lights
Host of the show, Douglas Fir
Jamestown Lights
The new co-host, Randy Balsam

Neighbors Come Together

The large panorama of lights is made possible by 6 homeowners in the Jamestown neighborhood. Mike, an electrical engineer, pulls the show together. Throughout his career, he’s had the opportunity to work for all 3 Racine radio stations as the station engineer.

Now he finds enjoyment in supplying computer controls and providing complex props like talking trees, circles, and other unique lights. Be sure to look to the east side of the show to see the Bennet family’s display. New to the show this year, Chris is taking Mike’s guidance as a way to build his own backyard scene to add to the show. From controllers, to channel maps, Mike leads the way for making the show possible. Mike says, “it has brought us closer together.”

Looking on the Bright Side

“Now more than ever, I think the light show this year will help us all look at the bright side of Christmas,” commented Mike and Debbie, on their Jamestown Lights Facebook page.

A lot of hard work goes into providing the community with a free holiday event, but to the hosts, it’s worth it. It’s difficult to look on the bright side, especially this year.

Mike says, “I think we can all agree this was not the way we wanted to start the Christmas season this year. The unthinkable event in Waukesha has affected us all. I have heard in past years how the show has helped many viewers deal with personal issues. I hope we can do the same with this year’s show for those of you affected by the event.”

The Jamestown Lights serve as a beam of light in many lives. Whether it is hearing a holiday tune that brings back an old memory or creating new ones with family and friends, the Jamestown lights are a free and COVID-19 safe event to attend.


The Jamestown Lights are located at 6509 Williamsburg Way, one block east and two blocks south from the roundabout of Highway 38 and Highway K in Northern Racine County. Make the first right after going east through the roundabout to Taurus Drive, then head south on Taurus Dr. into the Jamestown subdivision. As you drive between the ponds, look to your left and right. There you will see your entertainment for the night.

Parking Restrictions

For safety reasons, the Caledonia Police Department request that attendees do not park on Taurus Dr.

“’No Parking’ means parking and leaving the vehicle. As long as you remain inside your vehicle you can stay there to watch the show. That is considered ‘standing’ or ‘stopping’,” says the Caledonia Police Department. Turn off your headlights as a courtesy for other viewers. Keep the kids inside the car, and do not park or stop facing traffic.