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RACINE – NAMI Racine County, together with United Way Racine County, are hosting Ending the Silence, a virtual event designed to destigmatize mental illness. Prepared especially for Mental Health Awareness Month, this event will be held on May 10, from noon until 1 p.m.

This event is interactive and open to the public. There will be a specific emphasis on the needs of employees in the nonprofit sector. NAMI designed Ending the Silence and has tailored its outreach to a particular group of individuals. The goal of this event is to help attendees break the stigma of mental illness. This can be achieved by helping to identify warning signs, teaching facts and statistics about mental illness, and providing resources for support.

“By partnering with United Way of Racine County for this special edition of our Ending the Silence presentation series, we will be able to reach many individuals in the nonprofit sector,” said Michelle Gehring, executive director of NAMI Racine County. “We know that our message of destigmatizing mental illness is especially important for nonprofit employees, who help our community grow and get stronger.”

Attendees are invited and welcome to take part in the discussion and ask questions. The presentation will be run by two guest speakers, Sheri Hess, program coordinator at NAMI Racine County, and Vishal Patel, a student intern from Carthage College. Together, Hess and Patel will provide information, encourage discussion and share personal stories of recovery from mental illnesses.

“Having open and honest dialogue around the subject of mental health is crucial to the success of our community,” said United Way of Racine County President and CEO Ali Haigh. “At United Way, we fight for the health, education, financial stability and basic needs of every person in the Racine County community, and supporting the mental health of our community helps us succeed in all of those areas.”

Ending the Silence

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Looking to attend? Check out the event page for more information, or join the virtual event by registering online.

Mental Health

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