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MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers signed Executive Order #191 today declaring a state of emergency in Wisconsin, in response to elevated wildfire conditions throughout the state. The DNR has elevated the danger level to Extreme Fire Danger in multiple counties.

Executive order #191, declared state of emergency due to wildfire danger
Image courtesy of Wisconsin DNR

“Protecting Wisconsinites from the destructive danger of wildfire is a top priority. Although northern Wisconsin still has considerable snow cover, the danger is extreme across much of the state today,” said Gov. Evers in a news release.

“This executive order will give the Department of Natural Resources the ability to have all available resources ready to be quickly dispatched at critical moments to keep fires small and minimize damage.”

Within the last week, the DNR reported 34 wildfires occurred in Wisconsin, destroying 45 acres of land. Due to the increase in the number of fires and given the fire danger level measuring at “very high,” the Executive Order from the governor will assist the state in rapidly mobilizing the Army National Guard’s Black Hawk helicopters to the areas of the state in most need of aerial fire suppression resources during the critical spring fire season; this critical period in Wisconsin generally lasts through the month of May.

Executive Order #191 will also direct all state agencies of the state of Wisconsin to assist, as appropriate, in wildfire prevention, response and recovery efforts.

To learn more about the current Red Flag Warning read our fire conditions post from this morning below.

Executive Order #191


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