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RACINE – Valentine’s Day 2021 will be special this year for a local couple who met while they were in college. Max Widmar grew up in the Racine County area and little did he know that his future wife did too. Holly Neubauer and Widmar’s worlds were intertwined without them knowing it. The two connected and it was destiny.

Athletes Fall in Love

All it took was one moment in time to connect with someone. For Widmar and Neubauer, that moment took place in Kirksville, Missouri. Neubauer called Kirksville her home away from home. At the time, Neubauer was attending Truman State University. She was a member of the Track and Field team.

A member of the Men’s baseball team, Widmar attended college at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. The two universities were in the same conference at the time.


Widmar’s baseball team was going to travel to Kirksville to play Truman’s baseball team. Little did the two know that this upcoming trip would be the start of forever. Neubauer has her dad to thank for that.

Neubauer’s father, Gary Neubauer, is a retired Racine Police Officer. At the time, he additionally worked at Washington Park High School. Widmar’s uncle, Jim Betker, is a Physical Education teacher there, as well.

As men do, the two were talking sports. Betker brought up his nephew’s baseball schedule to Gary Neubauer. They concluded that Widmar would be traveling to Holly Neubauer’s school soon.

Her dad encouraged her to watch Max play baseball. Before doing so, Widmar connected with Neubauer online. They began texting and when he came to her school, she watched him play. It was that trip that changed it all. When he returned home to Wisconsin, it didn’t change how he felt about her.

First of Many Dates

The two continued to get to know each other despite the distance between Wisconsin and Missouri. Neubauer came home for Spring Break and the two were finally able to go on a proper date. It was love at first sight. They went for a bite to eat at a local Racine favorite, Mike and Angelo’s.

Their time together, physically, was short. That didn’t stop them from falling for each other. Neubauer returned to school and graduated. They survived the time apart, but this wasn’t the end of their long-distance relationship.

Neubauer spent the summer at home but found herself returning to Truman University in the fall to pursue an advanced nursing degree. For 18 months, the lovers were separated by a few states. In the middle of it all, love always found a way.

Neubauer became a nurse at Aurora St. Lukes in Milwaukee. You can read about her story of heroism by clicking here.

True Love

The couple made the most out of the times they had together when they were together. They saw each other every few months for about a week at a time. Technology helped make the process more comfortable as they could grow through video calls and texting.

When Neubauer graduated nursing school in 2018 and moved back to Wisconsin, the couple took advantage of being close in proximity for the first time during their relationship.

Forever and Always

Max Widmar proposed to Neubauer in November of 2019. Since being united back home, they have brought a house together. Recently they added a puppy to their story. On December 31, 2021 a new Widmar will be added to the bunch. Until then, they will continue to cherish their time together, especially with their new puppy, Sasha!

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