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Make good use of the mint growing in your garden and the melons you may buy from a roadside stand this summer. UW-Extension’s Melon & Mint recipe makes for a refreshing treat that can be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. Bring this treat with you to a backyard barbeque or enjoy as an afternoon snack.

Another recipe you can try that’s perfect for putting in-season peaches to good use is the UW-Extension Peach Pops recipe. Two weeks ago, UW-Extension developed a recipe that allowed people to dodge spending a ton of time in the kitchen with a frozen fruit smoothie. The week before that, the Avocado, Potato, Grilled Chicken Salad recipe reminded readers to be resourceful when cooking. Additional recipes and resources can be found online.

Melon & Mint

Shopping Locally

Do you need a place to gather ingredients? Try local farmers markets as a way to shop for fresh, local produce.

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