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If you live in or around Racine County, you know how huge sports are to people in Wisconsin. While basketball and baseball both attract a loyal following, it is likely football which is the most popular. Much of this comes down to the top NFL team, the Green Bay Packers being present in the state. While many people in Wisconsin and Racine County love to watch the Packers perform, others find additional ways to get even closer to the action.

One of the best is getting involved with Fantasy Football leagues. This has you testing your Head Coach skills by picking your own NFL roster and seeing how they do over a season. Fantasy Football leagues are played against other real-life players in a league through high-tech online Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) websites.

Although Fantasy Football is popular throughout the US, many people still worry about its legality. But what exactly is the picture around this form of Daily Fantasy Sports?

Can you bet on Fantasy Football?

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The truth is that it is 100% possible to bet on Fantasy Football, provided this is a legal activity in your state. The great news is that many states have legalized this form of betting– even if they have not legalized all types of betting on sports yet. As everyone in Racine County knows, Wisconsin is a classic example of a state with legal DFS betting but illegal sports betting.

The key to getting the most from betting in this way is finding the safest, most user-friendly sites to use. This involves a comparison of DraftKings and FanDuel DFS platforms for many people. As these are arguably the two biggest fantasy sports sites on the market, this is wise.

Which betting site is best?


As one of the most prominent names in Daily Fantasy Sports, this platform is excellent for Fantasy Football betting. Along with FanDuel, it is well-known by most sports fans. This has enabled them to build a reputation for treating customers well over time.

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But what stands out about DraftKings? In terms of Fantasy Football (FF) for those in Wisconsin, it has a lot to offer and this includes the ability to swap players in your roster throughout the season. As a result, this platform can be better for those who like in-depth FF gameplay. DraftKings generally has larger prize pools and a more extensive customer base, which could make it more appealing to some FF fans.

This platform is better for beginners or lower-stakes bettors because the satellite tournaments they host help you transition to more significant competitions. DraftKings also awards a full point per reception in NFL games and gives out bonus points when players hit certain milestones (such as a set number of points in a game). The site is easy to use and has some cool official NFL sponsorship ties to make it more authentic.


FanDuel is another well-established platform that is known for being fair and honest. In addition, it offers knowledgeable support to bettors, has a great mobile app and uses high-end online safety features like firewalls to keep your details protected. Well-designed, it is easy to sign-up and hosts plenty of Fantasy Football tournaments to get involved. There is also an attractive welcome bonus for new players to take advantage of, although DraftKings offers this extra.

But where does FanDuel differ from DraftKings especially? For many FF bettors, it comes down to the fixed roster and salary cap this platform uses. Once the first game of the season has been played, you can’t change your team. In addition, the fixed salary cap for games is something unique to FanDuel. For players who want less in-depth experience, these features are a big plus. This site is also thought to offer a more extensive selection of quirky DFS games to enjoy. At one point, they created a game that did away with set positions and allowed players to sign anyone they liked – even if it was a team full of wide receivers.

Betting on Fantasy Football

If you live in Racine County, you know that it is a vibrant place with lots going on. From the program of events at Racine Public Library to places to eat or shop, you are never short of things to do here. For those into the NFL, the chance to play is also a big advantage to living in Wisconsin. As the above shows, it is not only possible to bet on this fantasy sport in the state, but there are also some fun, safe places online to do so.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.